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Thursday, August 24, 2006


title of show: Connect the Dots location: a new space called Block27 address: 2766 Park Street (across from european street)date: Friday, September 1st time: 6-10pm artwork by: brittni wood, kelly eason, catherine bauer, molly riefler,bryan eason musical performance by: crystal stafford The goal of Connect the Dots and Block 27 is to break down barriers of pretense associated with art galleries by exhibiting affordable original art in a laid-back gallery atmosphere that is accessible to all ages and all levels of income. Block 27 bridges the gap between emerging artists and young collectors by offering a local gathering place to comfortably view, discuss, or purchase art.Unifying themes that can be found throughout the exhibition include:consumer-driven popular culture in America, human interaction with the environment, animals and creatures in the modern world, and the process of transformation through creation and destruction.Contemporary west coast art and artistic movements from Pop Art and Dadaism to Fauvism and Abstract Expressionism have influenced the artists' recent works.

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