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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Art Center Work Out!- We All Do A Little Bit!

Thanks everyone who came out to help paint the floor: Kenny Balser, Elaine Bedell, Suzzette Solano, Leigh Murphy, Thomas Arcuri, Princess Rashid, Rita & Martin Blum, & Desiree Kantrim, Vin Dolan. The floors in the downstairs gallery and upstairs studio space look great! We even painted the upstairs gallery floor a little.

REMEMBER: The upstairs gallery floor has to be finished Sunday, November 26. Please come and help us finish it up between 1-4 pm.

So if you missed the last one, come do your little bit. See you Sunday!

Center Artist, Rita Blum working on the downstairs gallery floor.

Center Artist, Thomas Arcuri working on the upstairs studio floor.

Center Artists & Art Supporter, Kenny, Thomas and Martin Blum working on the upstairs studio floor.

Photos taken by P.Rashid

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