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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hanging Rules


1) You are allotted a maximum of 8 ft for 45 dollars per month for as long
as you pay.

2) You may have 16 ft for 85 dollars for a maximum of 2 months if there is
space available

3) All work must have a minimum of 4 inches between pieces.

4) For work larger than or equal to 14x18 no more than 2 vertical pieces are

5) For work smaller than 14x18 up to 3 vertical pieces are allowed.

6) For work larger than 24x30 2 vertical pieces are allowed only if
esthetically pleasing. Contact Board Member or designated Curator for

7) Your name should be visible on top of your work with lettering no larger
than 2‰ tall.

8) All your work should be labeled with: title of the piece, medium, price,
and your name.

9) No art is allowed on the floor, ever, unless it is a floor sculpture or
3D art that requires the floor

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