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Thursday, December 28, 2006

List of January 2007 Center Gallery Artists

These are the artists paid up to hang in the gallery for January 2007. This information is currently listed monthly in right side bar. Check it!

January 2007 Gallery Artists:

Thomas Arcuri, Kenny Balser, Elaine Bedell, Rita Blum, Vin Dolan, Charley Harris, Marsha Hatcher, Lora Henningsen, C. B. Jackson, Sue Junkins, Desiree Kantrim, Yvonne Lozano, Patty Magee, Charles Payne, Eric Penia, Suzanne Pickett, Ximena Vegara, John Wise and Featured Artist- Suzzette Solano.

The studio artists who have had work in the gallery have agreed to give up gallery space if needed.

January 2007 Studio Artists:

Princess Rashid, Leigh Murphy, Terese Muller, Desiree Kantrim, and F. Caterina Lionti

If your name is not here AND IF that's a mistake please make sure Elaine Bedell, our Treasurer, has recieved your payment.

Center Artists will be hanging this Saturday- December 30, under the direction of our curatorial team, between 2- 4 pm.

-Princess Rashid, President & Blog Administrator
The Art Center

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