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Monday, February 05, 2007

ATTN: Art Center Members -Committee Development

I have a list of committees below that we need to establish. Please let me know which committee you are currently serving on and/or which committees you would be willing to serve on. If you would like to head that committee, then please let me know that as well.

  • JURY: Lora, Rita, Desiree, Vinnie, Patty
  • Finance: Tom, Vinny
  • Secretarial:
  • Artwalk: Yvonne, Elaine, Rita
  • Marketing and Promotions: Desiree, Terese, Rita
  • Internet/Website Development: Princess, Yvonne, Caterina, Tom
  • Hospitality committee:
  • Workshop/education committee:
  • Policies and Procedures:
  • Fund Raising:
  • Building committee:
  • Special Events:
  • Fund Raising:
  • Grant Writing and Research:
  • Historian/Archivist:
  • Hospitality:
  • Photography:

Check information above to be sure you signed up for the right committee. If you would like more information about the committees listed contact Lora or Princess. Committee Job descriptions will be posted soon!

Contact Lora Henningsen (Vice President): henninc@comcast.net
Contact Princess (Past President): prashid@theswordandbrush.com

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