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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The World's Fastest Artist-Leigh Murphy

"Just got back from Daytona. I'm exhausted. It was a blast and my top speed was 135.6 mph....

At first I rode with a professional and I thought
I was going to be ill. The G-force in the turns was so strong that I got woozy. He went about 180-190. That scared me so bad that I thought I couldn't go through with driving it myself. I had another scare when the lead car had something fall off of it in the second turn that narrowly missed my car. I was only going about 115 then but it might have ruined my day if it hit me".

"I got to take some pics for painting but it was a bit difficult to get around with a camera and go through the training too. I was the only woman who drove - no surprise there- so the women in the pit crew took special care of me. The rest of the drivers would have been less shocked to see an outer space alien in a race car than a woman artist. It just blew their minds. I had to tell
the story about how I used to drive little Kenny Francis to school
everyday - and now look where he is. Most of them actually knew who he

"Quite an adventure & very empowering. It's pricey, but I'd do it again. Next time I know I'd be way faster!"
-Leigh Murphy- President, Art Center Cooperative Inc.

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