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Friday, September 14, 2007

Collage et Plus

“Collage et Plus”
Terese Marie Muller and Sally Cole Moyers
Karpeles Manuscript Museum
101 West 1st Street

Terese Muller and Salley Moyer’s collage works and mixed media will be on display at the Karpeles Museum for the month of October. The opening reception is Wednesday, October 3, from 5 until 9PM. Sally works on paper and canvas and Terese on paper and wood. Their art incorporates both handmade papers and found objects that lead the viewer on a journey. Sally says her grandson sees poetry in her work and has gone so far as to write a poem for one of her pieces. Her artwork tends to tell a story and keeps the viewer’s attraction. Terese’s work is more like a rhythm that flows with color and composition, like a good song that stirs your senses. Her newer work is large in scale on wood panels. Please join them during their opening reception or stop by if you are downtown for the Artwalk.

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