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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Have You Heard About The -"A Painting A Day" Phenomena?

Making a Mark: Daily painters, paintings and paintworks - and where you can see them

If you are curious about the "A Painting A Day" blog phenomena then read the article posted by Katherine Tyrrell on her "Making A Mark" blog.

Also read the About: Painting article on "Being A Successful Daily Painter"

Recently, I've been intrigued with the whole "Paint A Day" blog phenomenon. In learning more about it , I came across several really hot artists. Read my post about Duane Keiser's "Ice cream" painting video.

Duane Keiser and Karen Zurick are just two of the artists using their blogs and websites to market themselves more effectively online. They are actually making sales from their blogs using Paypal and Ebay auctions!

Zurrick is a member of Daily Painterworks, which is a group of daily painters that have banded together online.

Both Keiser & Zurrick are great example for artists who are making connections with their audience and developing collectors.
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