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Monday, January 26, 2009


The winning names of The Art Center "NEW BEGINNING" art exhibit.

3-5 category
Danyel Clark Age 5 1st Place " Can You Jump Rope Little GIrl? Acrylic/chalk
Griffin Sutek Age 5 2nd place "Sunflowers" water based paint
Lily Bozeman Age 5 3rd place "My Mom" mixed media

6-9 category
Lauren Brown Age 9 Best Of Show "Hungry Frog" Ceramic
Serena Collins Age 8 1st place "Flight of the Flying Pockets" Mixed
Aaron Brown Age 7 2nd place "Egyptian Prince" Drawing
Alanis Ramos Age 6 "Lia" Crayons

10-13 category
Blake Fowler Age 13 1st Place "The Unknown Galaxy" Painting
Raquel Benjamin Age 11 2nd Place Minature Cookie Clay
Lauren Pitre Age 13 years "Burgandy Blossom" Acrylic on canvas

14-17 category
Jerome Robinson Age 16 1st Place "How Far We Have Come" Mixed
Kiara Sanchez Age 16 2nd Place "Raw Feeling" Oil Pastels
James Clark Age 14 3rd Place "The Creation" Mixed

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