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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Very Special Art Exhibit @ TAC

It’s Never Too Late

When Jess became too ill to work His wife, Lynne Fraser, read about an organization Never Too Late in a magazine. Never Too Late is operated by a dedicated corps of volunteers—with the primary mission of making "bucket list" wishes come true for senior citizens and for adults that are battling a terminal illness.

Lynn contacted Bob Haverstick founder of Never Too Late to see if they could make it possible for Jess to fulfill a lifelong dream of having his paintings and illustrations showcased at an art gallery. Since his health is declining rapidly, the goal was to find somewhere to exhibit Jess's work so that others could enjoy and appreciate his artistic talent - and without delay.
Bob Haverstick, contacted longtime friend Larry Helmuth in Sarasota, FL, because he owns an extensive collection of Florida Highwaymen artwork hoping he might have art connections. Larry in turn contacted Fayanne Hayes, Executive Director of Art Center Sarasota, and she in turn "connected the dots" by contacting Marsha Hatcher, the President of the Art Center Cooperative of Jacksonville. Marsha met with Jess’ wife, Lynne, on September 9th and selected 24 pieces of Jess's artwork now on display at The Art Center Cooperative of Jacksonville.

Lynne Fraser had made several attempts to get Jess's work shown over the past couple of years, but to no avail. Thanks to the efforts of kindhearted people connected by their love for the world of art, Jess Fraser’s dream has come true before it was too late.

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