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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GUESS WHO?! Fundraiser to Benefit Participating Artists & TAC UPDATE

Hello Artists! We already have lots of entries submitted and more rolling in. This is going to be a great event. Please note the DEADLINE for submissions is Tuesday 11.23.2010 at 3pm at our TAC Gallery located on 31 ADAMS. (take note that it's our gallery location that is receiving for the official deadline of 3pm) I will be working from my studio Tuesday evening from 6P-9P so if you want to drop off submissions then, you are welcomed to, but please let me know so I can expect you. My studio is at TAC II Studios located at 229 N. Hogan, you can either Facebook me or call/text my cell 904-881-0120.

A few things to note:
-be sure to print and fill out the submission form. it's available for download at www.tacjacksonville.org
-the minimum submission of 5 entries, was raised to unlimited amount of entries
-please make sure your work is either 4"x6" or 8"x10" (we are only offering 2 price points ($20 & for the 4"x6" & $50 for the 8"x10")
-DO NOT SIGN YOUR NAME ON THE FRONT OF YOUR WORK (hence the Guess Who?! part) if you do, there will be a lovely piece of non-stick tape that will cover your name. you are free to sign and label the BACK of your work (it's highly encouraged actually.)
please contact me with any questions or concerns. thanks guys! this is gearing up to be a great event :-)-Yvonne

PS. Florida Bank is now an official sponsor of GUESS WHO?!

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