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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

TAC Hogan Street Studios

The Art Center's Studio artist Jonelle Nobbee is the Featured studio artist of the month at The Art Center studios on Hogan St. downtown Jacksonville. 
"I don’t see myself as an artist that specializes in any particular form or medium. Whenever the mood hits, I prefer to express myself in any medium that will best visually describe my encounters with the world. I love vivid colors and texture and try to create a sense of drama, while remaining within the comforts of simplicity. I have a predilection for the human body and the many details within its form, which can be translated into so many different, beautiful, and innovative ways. It is my goal to convey this beauty with reverence and admiration.
My art can be categorized within the abstract expressionist movement since it rejects more traditional or classical forms of creating, and instead relies heavily on a more spontaneous approach. A lot of my work also contains a minimalist perspective, which suggests less is key and speaks more to our senses by mimicking child-like thought and actions.
Creating art is my escape to a world with no boundaries or limits. I create first and foremost for my own inherent need and consider it my testimony to God’s wonderful creation. I consider “doodling” to be the most effective therapy where you don’t have to explain or question anything, but rather, just do. It is amazing how often we can communicate something very profound just by placing marks on a canvas.
As an artist, I can create my own reality with the use of my pencil or my paintbrush. It is not my intention to copy what already exists, but rather to expand upon it, making my creation, I think, new and different and worthy of exploration".

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