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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TAC Featured Artist

Kenneth Balser was raised the farmland of Northeast Ohio. Drawing from an early age
he showed an appreciation for his surroundings. After school he drifted across the south
from Texas to Florida. Settling in Jacksonville, he got involved in the local art scene.
His mediums range from the softness of pastel to the strength of steel. Currently he is
using upcycled steel to recreate items found in nature. He also has a wide array of
landscapes and still-lifes in both oils and pastels.
Kenneth has been entering shows since 1996. He's been a constant fixture on the
Artwalk since 2004. He's shown with the St. Augustine Art Assoc., the Florida Museum
of Art in Deland and numerous locations around Jacksonville. A member of the Art
Center Co-op since 2006.
Currently his work can be seen at the Art Center in the Jacksonville Landing.
Opening night is Wednesday May 4 (Art Walk) 5:00PM-9:00PM at The Jacksonville Landing Location.

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